RBF-E Rotary Belt Filter

the new generation of media-free filter units

For customers where maximum availability and low maintenance requirements come first, we offer the RBF-E in our MMF series. The RBF-E is a self-cleaning filter without consumables.

Its rotating endless steel filter fabric not only makes changing the paper roll superfluous, but is also particularly insensitive to increased chips.

The compact design and efficient principle of hydrostatic pressure as the driving force of the filtration allow a sizing of the filter capacity from 100 l/min to 1500 l/min with a good filter fineness.

  • Paper-free filter system
  • Resistant construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Filter capacity of 100 to 1500 l/min possible
  • Filter screen cleaning technology by both backwash and brush
  • v2a filter fabric

Mode of operation

This filter is based on the build-up of a filter cake which is periodically moved through rotation.

The coarse particles are carried out by special cleats.

Simultaneously, the filter cake is removed by the brush and the filter screen pores are additionally cleaned using a separate clean coolant (flushing) pump from inside to outside.

Model Outer Frame Dimensions Max Flow Rate
  Width Length Height Emulsion 1cSt Oil 15cSt
  [mm] [mm] [mm] [l/min] [l/min]
RBF100 757.5 924.5 916 100 70
RBF200 997.5 924.5 916 200 140
RBF300 1250.5 924.5 916 300 210
RBF400 1509.5 924.5 916 400 280
RBF600 1508 1412 1243 600 420
RBF1000 2022 1412 1243 1000 700
RBF1500 2022 1412 1243 1000 700
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