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In this "Cookie Statement" we  (Mayfran International)  describe how we use cookies as part of the corporate website of Mayfran International :

  1. What are cookies
  2. What types of cookies does Mayfran use?
  3. Does only Mayfran store cookies on my computer?
  4. Are cookies permanently stored on my computer?
  5. How do I allow, ban and manage cookies?
  6. Cookie overview - Cookies used by Mayfran

          1. WHAT ARE COOKIES?

          Cookies are text files that are downloaded and stored on the device that you are browsing through on a website (such as a computer or smartphone, collectively "computer") when you access a website. Cookies can contain a lot of information. The information given in detail can be found in the overview in section VI below ("Cookie overview"). Cookies can also be recognized by other websites. For more information visit

          2. WHAT TYPES OF COOKIES are used by MAYFRAN?

          Mayfran uses different types of cookies on this site. These cookies serve different purposes. Cookies can generally be assigned to one of the following categories according to their purpose:

          • cookies disabled
          • analysis cookies

          On this site, we use cookies from all of these categories to provide you with the best Internet experience. A detailed list of the cookies we use can be found in the cookie overview below.


          No, when using cookies a distinction is made between so-called first-party cookies and third-party cookies. The first-party cookies are cookies from Mayfran. They serve our purposes, in particular the provision of interactive information and statistical purposes. Third party cookies, on the other hand, are set by third parties under a domain other than the page. These third-party cookies allow cross-site analysis. Whether the respective cookie is a First or Third Party cookie is shown in the cookie overview below.


          Whether and how long cookies are stored on a computer depends mainly on whether the cookie is a permanent cookie or a session cookie. Session cookies are only stored on your computer until you close the browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer until they expire or are deleted by you (for example, by deleting your browsing history or by deliberately deleting cookies in your browser settings). The duration of storage of the individual cookies can be found in the cookie overview below.


          1. CONSENT

          We only save cookies on your computer if you have previously consented. These are function cookies and analysis cookies. Which cookies are exactly, please refer to the cookie overview below.

          You consent to the use of cookies if you continue to browse the site after informing you of the use of cookies.

          If you do not agree with the use of cookies, please leave the page. You can freely revoke your consent at any time, e.g. by deleting the cookie. If you do not accept all cookies or revoke your consent, you may still be able to view the content of the page, but not all features of the page may be available.


          You can also configure the settings of your browser that you use to view the page to allow, forbid, or delete cookies. For detailed instructions, follow the instructions in your browser. More information:

          Please note that some features or sections of the page are not available should your browser not allow cookies. More information on how to change your browser settings can be found at


          Below we describe in more detail which cookies we use on the site.


          These cookies allow us to tailor the features and content of the site to your liking by storing your preferences. For example, these cookies may be used to store your user data in our forum or to make a language selection. In addition, they can be used to provide interactive information, such as watching our virtual catalogs or product videos.

          Cookie Name Purpose
          fe_typo_user (Session) 255/5000 With this cookie we summarize all requests from you and your browser within one session. This cookie therefore allows you, as far as you are logged in, to remain so and to view all pages of the login area.
          PHPSESSID (Session) This cookie stores your current session with respect to PHP applications, ensuring that all features of the page based on the PHP programming language are fully displayed.

          analysis cookies

          These cookies collect information about how the page is used, for example which pages of the page were visited the most. These cookies provide Mayfran with analytical data about the performance of the site and hints on how Mayfran can improve the site.

          Cookie namepurpose
          __utma (permanent - valid for two years)
          __utmb (permanent - valid 30 minutes)
          __utmc (session)
          __utmz (permanent - valid six months)
          NID (lasting - valid six months) from Google Analytics
          1507/5000 Mayfran uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie on your computer to recognize you on an anonymous basis when you return to a specific web site. Google uses this information provided by the cookie to store a profile of which pages you visited during a session. However, Google Analytics truncates its IP address by the last three digits before storing and processing it so that it can not be identified. Google acts as an order processor for Mayfran and analyzes the data received only on behalf of Mayfran. Mayfran uses the data received from Google Analytics for business planning, business operations, and marketing efforts to better understand how our web services content and related experience can be improved. You may object to the collection of your data by this cookie by downloading and installing the following browser plugin: If you do not provide Google with a plugin for your browser , you can click here . We then set a cookie on your computer that prevents Google Analytics from collecting data from you on the site. For more information about this cookie, please visit

          We update this cookie statement from time to time. Please check regularly if a new version is available. The date of the last modification of this document is shown at the bottom of the page.

          Last modified: January 2015